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  • m/y Distraction 35,00mt

    Always a pleasure to came here. We'll be back next week.

  • Smooth operator 32,00mt

    A very beautiful, quiet and picturesque setting. With very friendly and helpful staff. Now my favourite place in the mediterranean.

  • Celtic Dawn 32,00mt


  • Amida 24,00mt

    A very cute port!

  • Hawaiiki-Nui 19,80mt

    Tutto Ok. Stateve bene guaiò.

  • Alexsophie 21,40mt

    The best town and marina in the mediterranian with very helpful service facilities and security. Thanks for all the crew.

  • Tumble name 27,00mt

    Thank you for your kind hospitality and great service.

  • Grace Isabella 23,97mt

    A very nice port. The men on the desk are very helpful to me. I hope to get back here again soon.

  • Bliss 23,90mt

    Molto buono.

  • Lulu v 28,00mt

    Very beautiful area and Ambiance. Thank you for all and hope to see you next summer.

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