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  • Bermur 16,00mt

    Molto bene, molto contento per tutti. Grazie.

  • Ifa Cannes 27,00mt

    The welcome and helpfulness of the staff was excellent. Extremely friendly I'm sure not needed but will recommend highly.

  • Alysy Donna 30,00mt

    Your services is very very good and thank you very much per letting us staying in your port.

  • Fortuna Omega 26,60mt

    Siete i numeri uno. Grazie per l'assistenza, il servizio perfetto e la simpatia. Vi aspetto a Monte Carlo!!!

  • Monney Penny 23,80mt

    Beautiful port. Best staff (port) in Med. Will be back next year with 3x Pershings.

  • Wild Thymie 31,48mt

    Great service again. Thanks very much guys for a super night. See you on the 8th july.

  • Kalikobass II 32,00mt

    Thanks for the wine! And also help with luies and gromd lines while docking. Au reboat.

  • Cheeky Tiger 22,00mt

    The best service I ever had in Italy, and further. Nice and smiling team on the port, and excellent reception! Coming back definitely!

  • Red e Blue 12,00mt


  • Lady H 28,00mt


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