• Berthing for yachts up to 35 mt.;
  • water depth from 8 mt up to 11 mt.;
  • Water and electricity provided (220V-380V up to 125A);
  • Boat rental with driver;
  • Water Taxi;
  • Free wi-fi;
  • Transfer skipper for all destinations;
  • Assistance on arrival;
  • Mechanic and electronic service;
  • Laudry and supermarket service provided;
  • Mooring assistance on arrival and on departure;
  • Assistance in maneuvering or pilotage with qualified staff
  • Full h24 service;
  • Taxi Driver to every destination.


  • fuel station at the end of the outer wharf (h 08/20 in summer time);
  • water and electricity;
  • slipway;
  • mobile crane up to 15 tons;
  • wooden and fiber glass boats repair; Engine and electric repair;
  • security service;
  • phone box;
  • supplies and ice.


Nautical coordinates: 40°37',94 N 14°36',13 E

The port of Amalfi is protected by an outer wharf 190 mt.long at S.W. and a quay at E. ; the entrance is 150 mt. wide and opened at S.E

Lighthouses and position lights: 2620 (E 1718) red flashing light, time 5 sec., range 8 mt. on the top of the outer wharf; 2624 (E 1720) green light, 2 vertical, on the top of the southern quay.

Sea bottom: sand and mud, in the quay between 8 and 11mt.

Winds: from N.O. and N.N.O. in autumn and winter, cyclically from winter time only. Strong side wind: Sirocco. Reduced: outer wharf blown by mistral and west wind; southern quay blown by north east and east wind. With winds from S and SE we advise to head toward the port of Salerno.

Access: From 08,00 to 20,00 non-stop for those who know the port. W.H.F. 72

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  • Porto di Amalfi
    Pontile Marina Coppola
    Berths mooring and temporary-mooring for boats and yachts up to 35 mt
  • +39.089.000000 +39.089.873091
  • +39.347.3495280
  • VAT ID IT05402330657

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